Reserve your exclusive session at the Thermarium


Temperature 90°C – Humidity 20-25%

The practice of the sauna is an indispensable ritual in many Nordic countries, the intense heat has the effect of opening the pores and with sweating it favours the elimination of toxins.

It also improves muscle tone and blood circulation.

We offer the possibility of accessing the wetland during the morning or evening hours, reserving it for exclusive use, upon reservation.


Temperature 45°C – Humidity 100%

The steam and heat that characterize this room are good for blood and the lymphatic circulation, dissolving toxins and promoting their expulsion with sweating.

Great for skin regeneration.


The Kneipp path consists of a walk between pools with alternating jets of hot and cold water. While walking, the jets of water act on the circulation of the lower limbs, improving oxygenation and accelerating the tissue drainage.

Emotional Showers are a particular practice that combines color therapy with water jets that are designed in order to transform negative emotions such as anxiety, stress, discomfort and fatigue into positive emotions such as well-being and serenity.


Before accessing the Thermarium area, a shower is mandatory, and a seat cloth is required inside.

Those who access must be in good health. The Management assumes no responsibility in case of discomfort related to a precarious state of health or improper use of saunas. In case of pathologies, access is recommended after medical consultation.

The path inside the humid area is not recommended and / or prohibited in case of: hypertension, circulatory problems, heart disease, inflammatory processes in progress, epilepsy, pacemakers and pregnant women

The route is forbidden for children under the age of 16, up to 18 the presence of parents is recommended.

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