Thermarium, Sauna and relax

Open everyday from 10am to 7pm


Temperature 90° C – humidity 20 – 25 %

This is an undeniable ritual in many northern countries. The high temperature opens the skin pores and allow our body to get rid of dead skin cells and toxins by sweating.
It relaxes tone muscles and improves circulation.


Steam Bath (Turkish Bath)

Temperature 45°C – humidity 100 %

Steam and heat, characterising this room, improve both blood and lymphatic circulation by dissolving toxins and eventually getting rid of them by sweating.
This is also excellent for skin.


We offer the possibility of accessing the wetland during the morning or evening hours, reserving it for exclusive use, upon reservation.

Kneipp Section

This is ideal for circulation. The alternation of warm and cold water has a toning, stimulating and relaxing benefit.

Vademecum Thermarium

  • Before entering the Thermarium, it is mandatory to take a shower,
  • It is also necessary to use the towel to sit down inside the sauna,
  • Use Thermarium only if you have good health conditions,
  • Direction declines all responsibility of an incorrect use of the sauna and the steam bath,
  • In case of pathology we suggest to use this area only after having consulted your doctora,

The access is discouraged or mandatory in case of:

  • hypertension, circulatory diseases, heart condition, inflammations, epilepsy, carrier of pacemakers and pregnancy,
  • The Thermarium is compulsory for children before age 16 and up to 18 they should be looked after by adults,
  • To keep a relaxing and quiet atmosphere, we ask you to speak in a low voice,
  • The relaxing beds must let free of clothes and towels if not used

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