Ritual aimed at stimulating the flow of energy, awakening one’s sleeping self and instilling courage in awareness.

During the treatment the Tibetan bells are not rubbed but struck, producing another type of sound, vibration and benefit. The vibrations then reach the body with an activating effect on the cells, liquids and chakras.


Ritual with many health benefits, with an extremely relaxing effect.

The heat of the heated shells, combined with massage techniques, relaxes the muscles and aromatherapy calms the mind and envelops the senses.


Holistic ritual that involves the use of stones and crystals to achieve a state of psycho-physical well-being.

Crystals possess a strong energy, capable of bringing well-being to the people they come into contact with and restoring their energetic balance.


Massage with therapeutic effect carried out with the aid of hot stones of basaltic origin, rich in gold, quartz, calcium, coal and other minerals.

Among the benefits provided: increased metabolism functionality, alleviation of muscle pain and regularization of the main body systems

Quality products

Spa Nymphaea has chosen to use the Histomer cosmetic line for facial and body skin care because it is a leading company in the field of dermatological research. Thanks to the numerous scientific research of Valetudo and the founder’s pharmaceutical botanicals, Histomer today represents the ideal partner to successfully address even the most difficult to solve aesthetic problems. The Histomer Method defines a set of cosmetic treatments and formulations that have revolutionized traditional cosmetics due to their ability to repair, correct, reconstruct and regenerate damaged skin tissues.

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