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Parchi natura

Parco natura viva



Parco Natura Viva
This park protects many endangered species.
The walk among the oak wood and centuries-old trees is enriched by the presence of many wild species, which here find their ideal habitat.

The area is extended on a surface of 240.000 mq along a seven kilometres path, that has to take place on your own vehicle. It offers a unique occasion to meet and observe wild Savana animals from nearby.
The park can be visited both driving, where animals walk freely, and walking, where animals are mostly in cages.

Besides, there is a dinosaurs park and a certain variety of plants.




Parco giardino sigurtà



Temple of nature


Giardino sigurtà
With a surface of 50 hectares, it will bring you in a natural world!


The Parco Giardino Sigurtà is near the moronic hills, very near the Garda Lake, only 8 km far from Peschiera.

Who loves nature and wishes to refill from the everyday stress, this park is what you need: a quite day among fantastic flowers, lush plants, never seen before species, green lawns, little lakes… etc.

All these will capture and make you enjoy the simplicity and perfection of nature… it will be a unique experience!



Hot Springs in Lazise


Among cypresses, badger and centuries-old beech trees, a hot spring discovered by chance, this place, Villa dei Cedri, has become a place of joy, where one can find again his wellness by taking a bath in a thermal little lake.


The Parco Termale of Garda offers many occasions of sport, amusement, wellness and relax.


Nature lovers can make revitalising walks to discover charming centuries-old trees.

The water of Villa dei Cedri comes from a depth of 160 mt and has a temperature of 37°C. It has been certified as low mineral content water, lacking of chemical contaminates, bacteriologically controlled, belonging to the group of calcium bicarbonate waters, with a high presence of silicon, potassium and magnesium.

Due to its phisical and chemical characteristics, the water of Villa dei Cedri conducts a healthy and cleaning action, relaxing and anti flogistico and is known to be of great use in the prevention of many deseases or beauty skin problems like eczemas, contact dermatitis, itchy dermatitis, circulation dermatitis, cellulites, irritations of skin.


La grotta


The hydro massages of the grotto are great exfoliant gommage preparing your skin to get rid of dead cells and get the benefits of water. In this way, circulation improves and muscles relax becoming more elastic and tonic. We suggest of stay from 10 to 15 minutes, to repeat.



The thermal swimming pool


The thermal swimming pool has an indoor piece and an outdoor one, connected through a passage.
The lighting was created by using optical fibre. Water assumes different colours creating an almost magical atmosphere.
The temperature of water inside swimming pool is around 33°C, while inside the emerald pool there is a differentiated temperature around 38 -: 39 °C.



Jungle adventure


The adventure can start!

Who does not know the tale of Robin Hood in the woods?
Who has not dreamed of floating in the air hanging from a vine like Tarzan in the jungle?
Finally, those who have never touched the cinema attending daring enterprises in the forest of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones?


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