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Vittoriale degli italiani


Vittoriale degli italiani
The Vittoriale degli Italiani is an historical monument that the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio decided to give to Italians after his death.
This house is 17 km far from our Hotel, it is in Gardone Riviera.

The Vittoriale is a monumental cittadella spreading on 9 hectares.
Passing the lake-front, double arc at the entrance you find the big Anfiteatro.

Two little squares, Esedra and piazzetta dalmata will bring you:


  • at the Prioria, extraordinary testimony of the personality, sensitivity, of the poet’s taste. Here are collected thousands of artistic objects, ancient wooden statues, ceramics, silvery, glasses, carpets, bookstores that create the famous library holding 30.000 books, some of them very rare and ancient, in addition to other historical objects remembering the heroic moments of the poet’s life.
  • and to the building of archives where the manuscripts of D’Annunzio are kept.

to the Schifamondo wing that comprehend:

  • the Auditorium with the photographic exposition, the aeroplane SVA 10 about his flight to Vienna (1918) and a didactic path about D0annunzio and the Vittoriale.
  • The Museum of War enhances the rich and precious cultural heritage connected to the military experience of D’Annunzio. The Prioria Gardens restored with the contribution of U.E. and opened to the public in 1993 were the first to be realised and are very important for some historical objects and artworks like: Massi del Grappa e di altri Monti di Guerra; Arengo dedicated to some oath rites, to ceremonies and other meetings, where, in a small magnolia wood, are positioned 17 columns commemorating the victories of the Great War. Walking through the limonaia path and through the garden,you will get to the fruit garden where you will be able to admire the bronzed Canefora of Napoleone Martinuzzi, a very prestigious artwork.
  • The bow of the ship Nave Puglia, that was donated from the Marina Militare in 1925, is set on a hill and enriched with a winged victory, artwork by the sculptor Renato Brozzi. From June 2002 it hosts the Museum di Bordo where you can find the original furniture of the ship Nave Puglia and 10 models of was ships belonging to the provate collection of SAR Amedeo di Savoia duke of Aosta. On the higher hill you find the Mausoleo, where D’Annunzio was buried with the legionnaires of Fiume. votive niches, fountains, tree-lined paths make the Vittoriale an outdoor and wide museum.





An amazing view that embrace the whole lake; located on a narrow peninsula, Sirmione pushes out for about four km from the southern shore of the lake.

Sirmione is among the most known towns in Italy: tourists come from all over the world to enjoy this little jewel also to admire its sparkling shop windows.

Many are the attractions of Sirmione, one of the destinationsthat have a high level of movement and touristic presence: the splendour landscape, Rocca Scaligera (the castle), Grotte di Catullo, the presence of hot springs (the first establishment was in 1898), a thick calendar of cultural and entertainment events, and, above all, a magical atmosphere holding the tourists in a place full of charme out of time.



Le grotte di catullo


The "Grotte", like they were called in 1500, actually are the rest of an ancient roman Villa of northern Italy maybe belonged to the latin poet Catullo.
It represents one of the archaeological attractions of roman age, most charming of northern Italy


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